"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Carl Blackie Black
Carl Black
Assigned: 10th Evac Hospital
Location of Service: Pacific
Gender: male
Military Position: Medic
Current City: Gove City
Current State: Ohio
Honored by MWH

My War Stories
1941 Enlisted 1941 enlisted with his Uncle before Pearl Harbor as a Medic in the Army. Assigned Fort Knox, Kentucky. Sent to New Jersey on a cruise Graceland line before there were troops with 26 ships in the convoy through the Panama Canal to Australia. Went to Bora Bora then to Brisbane then Melbourne as they kept keeping run off by Japanese. Then island hopped back to the Philippines then was on the early list to come home as he was in so long. He was gone for four years and before he could call his wife when he got to San Francisco.