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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
  P40 Warhawk  
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"I checked out your website, and it looks great." Marcus Brotherton, Author -- Editor (Band of Brothers Books)

Honor a Veteran in as easy as 3 Steps in Less than 5 minutes!

Click here to sign up for your free account. You only need a user name and password to get started.

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First Time User Setup
Once you have your account setup, simply click on "Click Here to Add a Veteran to" in the top upper left hand corner of the screen.

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Click to Add Veteran
Finally, enter as much of the basic information you have about the veteran you wish to honor. If you do not know some of the details about the veteran, that is fine, not all information is necessary to honor your veteran and complete their profile page.

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Add Veteran to

Click on one of the below War Veterans to read their story

Zachariah Wooten Army
Specialist Wooten
Earl Webb Army
Staff Sargeant Webb
World War II
Carlos O Haaland Army
PFC Haaland
World War II
Samuel Sisler Army
Corporal Sisler
Civil War
Kenneth Webb Navy
Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class
World War II
Carl Cossin World War II Korean War
POW Korean War
Cossin World War 2
Robert H. Sterchie Army
First Lieutenant Sterchie
World War 2
Jack Hartnell Navy
Boatswain's Mate Hartnell
"Frogman" World War 2
Ellis Gene Buettner Navy
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Korean War
Morris Briggs Air Force
Lt. Colonel Briggs
WWII/Korean/Vietnam War
Ernest Wolke Army
Technical Sergeant Wolke
World War 2
Arthur Newton Army Air Corps
Master Sergeant Newton
Pilot World War 2
Ernest Wolke Navy
Petty Officer 1st Class Wolke
Korean War
Thomas Buettner Army
Private First Class Buettner
World War 2
Dennis Siefker Army
SP4 Siefker
Cold War
Michael J Pohorilla B-17 Navigator
First Lieutenant Pohorilla
B-17 Navigator
Eldon Erlenbach Army Vietnam
Sergeant Erlenbach
Robert E. Arn Army Air Corps
Captain Arn
Pilot World War 2
Fred C Garvin Navy
Chief Petty Officer Garvin
Navy World War 2
George Momirov Navy
Aircraft Maintenance
Momirov World War 2

History behind

Many years ago, when I did a 30 minute video of my grandfather’s World War 2 memories for a college library, I thought it was good that I was able to do it but I did not think a whole lot of it at the time. When my grandfather got sick, I decided I needed to preserve his story for future family generations so I sat him down and shot hours of footage of him going through pictures and telling his story of everything he could remember. I later conducted another interview of him about his service in the Korean War naval service which is a crazy story as he was in the Army during World War 2. I completed all of this a few years ago and I was luckily able to share all my completed work with him before he passed away. Now I have his story from his own words recorded forever along with my other grandfather. A few years passed as I focused on my career, but now I am once again focused on my passion. I came up with an idea and I have worked on it for the past 13 months. Naturally I used my skills in software development and my passion for history to come up with this idea. My little project has made a very large impact especially to the World War 2 and Korean War veterans I have spoken to as they have never written down their story because they did not think that their personal story was that important, however once I complete their biography veterans are blown away and very grateful to have someone take the time to honor their words and heroism for all the world to see. allows the ordinary person to sign up and post their family members (absolutely free). I encourage everyone to do what I did and honor your friends and family members before it is too late. Even recent veterans are encouraged as their stories are most intact and waiting 60 years can be tough on recalling memories. has no investors or support and it is available to you for free because we think it is important. Would you be interested in helping us get this type of project to a wider audience so that more service hero stories can be remember forever? E-mail to everyone you know and tell them to honor all veterans.